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If you have an interest in a vehicle listed below,

Call , (or text)   8O5 -- 8O1 -- 9996
We'll add your name to a Contact List
We will contact you to see the car - before it is advertized


2005  Toyota Matrix Wagon -- White -- 115,k Miles -- (Clean Title)
Corolla Reliability - With a Wagon Body

2009  Honda Element -- EX -- 4WD -- Silver -- 88,k Miles -- (Title Change)

2004 Hyundai Tiburon -- V6 -- 5 SPEED -- White -- 50,k Miles ! -- (Clean Title)
2 Door -- 5 Seat -------- Hatch Back -- Holds a Bike Inside With Hatch Closed

2008  Honda Element - EX - 4WD - Moonroof - Gray - 75,k Miles -- (Clean Title)

2005  Honda Element - 5 Speed ! - EX - 4WD - Gray - 120,k Miles -- (Clean Title)
This is known as the "holy grail" of Elements
EX --- Moonroof --- 4WD --- With 5 Speed Manual --- Very Hard to Find

Why Do Some Of Our Vehicles Have A Title Change?

USUALLY,, vehicles that have a title change 
are Totaled and have Frame Damage.

Some vehicles have a title change for OTHER reasons.

A few years ago we began looking for rare vehicles,
where a car with very low miles has a MINOR accident,
with No Frame Damage - and No Airbag Deployment.  Literally just a minor fender bender. 

OR, No Accident at all -- Such as a Theft Recovery.

Although the car was  NOT a “totaled” vehicle,  in these rare circumstances,
the insurance company  takes ownership of the car - which causes a change in the title.

As long as there is nothing that affects the Frame , Engine , Transmission , or Drive Train. 

If the repair was simple cosmetic  parts replacement ,
such as a new bumper, new grill, etc,
AND the vehicle has been returned to the condition it was when new,

We have the vehicle inspected to MAKE SURE all of that checks out.

is a vehicle with  LOW Miles - in Excellent Condition - with a Huge Price Discount.


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