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If you have an interest in a vehicle listed here ,
Call or Text just Your First Name  to , 8O5 -- 8O1 -- 9996

I will add your name to a Contact List - when the Car is Available

2014  Honda Civic Hybrid , EX-L (heated leather) -- 28, k Miles -- (Clean Title)

2012  Honda Odyssey EX-L -- Wine -- 34,k Miles -- (Title Change)

2012  Honda Crosstour EX-L -- White -- 61,k Miles -- (Title Change)

2007  Toyota RAV4 -- White -- 108,k Miles -- (Clean Title)

2005  Toyota Matrix Wagon -- White -- 115,k Miles -- (Clean Title)

2008  Honda Element -- EX -- 2WD -- Blue -- 101,k Miles -- (Clean Title)

Why Do Some Of Our Vehicles Have A Title Change?

Typically, vehicles that have a title change are Totaled and have Frame Damage.

This is NOT what we are looking for.

In RARE cases , a car has a minor (Very Minor) fender bender - with No Frame Damage - and No Airbag Deployment. Even though the car was  NOT  a typical “totaled” vehicle , in these rare circumstances , the insurance company  takes ownership of the car  and there is a change in the title.

IF there is nothing that affects the  Frame , Engine , Transmission , or Drive Train ,  then we have the vehicle inspected to see if all that checks out.

If the repair was  simple cosmetic  parts replacement , such as a new bumper , new headlight , etc, to easily return the vehicle to the condition it was in when brand new , then we will accept it. Why? Because the car is now the same as it was before the minor accident.

Again,  We do not accept TYPICAL - totaled - vehicles.

The  GLASS  HALF  FULL , is a vehicle with  VERY  LOW  MILES  that has easily been returned to  Mint Condition - And - a  Huge Price Discount.


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